12/30/2018 – You Need Some R and R – Pastor James Hauptman

You Need Some R & R

Intrigue – 2:11“first of the signs”

V1-3When the wine was gone

  • Cana
    • 8km (5mi) from Nazareth
    • Historian Jerome spent time in region and said you could see Cana from Nazareth (where Jesus grew up)
    • Close enough for families to know each other
  • Typical Wedding Feast
    • Lasted 7 days
    • Whole village would come
    • For people who mostly knew poverty and hard work, this was a week of festivities and splendid joy
  • Wine was gone
    • Host was responsible for refreshments (including wine) for 7 days
    • Guests were expected to help defray the cost of the wedding with gifts
    • Rabbi’s had a saying “without wine, there is no joy”
    • Not about drunkenness, drunkenness was a great disgrace.
    • Wine was 2 parts wine; 3 parts water
    • To run out of wine would be a social faux pas that would become the subject of jest for years (for the family and for the new couple)
    • Shame
      • Have you ever noticed that the people who have experienced the greatest shame are often the ones who give the greatest support
      • Accuser of the brethren


  • Jesus address to Mary
    • Joseph – probably died by this point
    • Women’s quarters for a wedding feast would have been near where the wine was stored. Mary overheard first, came to Jesus. Apparently she had some authority at this wedding. Some writers have said that it was her sister’s son’s wedding.
    • “Woman” was a respectful term. Jesus used it on the cross when addressing his mother, Homer uses it when Odysseus addresses his beloved Penelope. Roman Emperor Augustus uses it to address Cleopatra. We don’t have anything quite like it in English. Closest would be ma’am. Jesus establishes some distance from the mom-son relationships
    • “What Have I to Do with Thee” TONE
      • Spoken in harsh tone (complete disagreement)
      • Spoken gently (means misunderstanding)
  • Mary’s faith in Jesus
    • Instructively turned to Jesus in moment of need (not even her need, but knew that Jesus could meet it)
    • She left not knowing what he would do, how he would do it, when he would do it, but trusting in him. Complete faith in Him.
  • Hour
    • Jesus’ “hour” (especially in John’s gospel) is the Cross. Once I begin doing miracles, I begin going to the cross

V6-7the Jar

  • Ceremonial jars
    • 20-30 gallons
    • Enough to fill a Jewish immersion pool 
    • Couldn’t use for storing water but for ritual purposes
    • Cleaning feet
      • Shoes at the time
      • Dry day – dust
      • Wet day – mud
    • Cleaning hands
      • 3 times – ritual way
  • Using these for another purpose would temporarily defile them. Jesus shows more concern for his friend than contemporary rituals
  • 6 jars – 6 is the # of imperfection. Jesus came to do away with the imperfections of the law. And to put in their places, new wine of the gospel of Grace. Jesus turned the imperfection of the law into perfection of Grace.
  • Up to 180 gallons; no wedding party could drink that much! There is no need on earth that God’s grace can’t supply. He’s a God of super abundance!

V8-11first of the signs, revealed his glory, his disciples believed Him

Closing thoughts (part 1)

  • Happened at a wedding feast. Jesus was not gloomy, but full of joy
  • Happened in an ordinary village, not during a major public event with maximum crowds. Humble beginnings
  • Happened because Jesus had kindness on ordinary people
  • What did that kindness look like?
  • This is a story about: Removing disgrace, restoring joy
  • A story about conversion. Water to wine. Shame to joy. Sinner to Saints. Few know when or how it happened. But everyone knows that it did happen


  • What has He done for you? (specifically – how has he removed shame) Or if you feel like you are still condemned with shame – pray ask the group to pray for you

Closing thoughts (part 2)

  • Life without Jesus is a dull, flat, boring existence.
  • Life with Jesus  is wild, sparking, exciting
  • Wherever Jesus went and wherever He came into life, it was like turning water into wine.
  • if you want this, become a follower and He will transform your life.