YQA – God’s Generosity

In this episode of Your Questions Answered, Todd asks Bill and Sylvia Gearhart (his parents!) questions about God’s generosity during a season filled with job loss, a premature baby, and lots of unknowns. Listen and be encouraged!

The Grace of Giving – Part 4 – The Truth About Tithing

Pastor Steve concludes his sermon series on The Grace of Giving. In Part 4 of his series, Pastor Steve talks about the truths of tithing. How do you see tithing? Do you see it like a tax, that’s required and comes with consequences if we don’t do it? Perhaps you see it like a conditional blessing? Either way, Pastor Steve …

YQA – Was Jesus a Communist?

In this week’s episode of Your Questions Answered, Todd asks Pastor Steve all about some New Testament passages that seem to describe communism/socialism. Did Jesus preach communism? What should we do with passages like this? Pastor Steve mentioned two books for further reading: Animal Farm – by George Orwell Productive Christians in an Age of Guilt Manipulators – David Chilton

Renewal – Patti Bowman | 5/12/2024 | Sunday Service

Patti Bowman shares this Sunday on how to renew our hearts, bringing examples from her work as a nurse. She connects these physical illustrations with spiritual truths in ways that will help each of us have new life in Christ, and truly experience a transformed heart!

Your Questions Answered – Generous Like God?

In this episode of Your Questions Answered, Todd asks Pastor Steve about his sermon series on Giving – Are we called to be as generous as God, and should we expect something from God when we give?

The Grace of Giving – Part 3 | 5/5/2024 | Sunday Service

When we hear talk of economics, there’s a commonly cited law called the law of supply and demand. In this week’s message, Pastor Steve talks about the economy of the kingdom of heaven and a different law that it has: the law of sowing and reaping.

YQA – Legalism and Our Money

This week, Todd asks Pastor Steve to talk more about something he mentioned during his Sunday sermon: being legalistic with our money. What does it look like to involve Jesus in our finances?

YQA – Being a Door Mat

This episode of Your Questions Answered talks about a sermon Pastor Steve shared on Sunday, April 14th (Living Above The Law | 4/14/2024 | Sunday Service). I ask Pastor Steve about being a doormat – which is analogy he used in his sermon.

The Grace of Giving – Part 2 | 4/28/2024 | Sunday Service

Pastor Steve continues his series on the Grace of Giving with Part 2. What do we do with the abundance that God has given us? How do avoid the human tendencies of both hoarding and being stingy? How do we avoid the trap of legalism in giving? Pastor Steve answers these questions and more in this week’s podcast.