Yes, You Are Courageous | Sunday Service | 10/23/2022

Courage seems to be a rare commodity today. However, as Christians we are not only called to be courageous, but we are courageous because we have Jesus inside of us. The cross of Jesus is both the ultimate act of courage and the source of all courage for those who believe. In this message, Pastor Steve provokes courage in us, …

The Gift of Shame | Sunday Service | 10/16/2022

We often speak of shame in purely negative terms, and even pray against shame. In this message, Pastor Steve shares about the benefits of shame, and how shame is different than condemnation.

Empowering the Word of the Lord | Sunday Service | 10/9/22

Following up with a tremendous weekend of Prophetic Ministry, we may ask the question: Now What? Pastor Steve dives in to share practical insights on what to do with a prophetic word, and how to see it empowered and come to fulfillment in your life.

Senseless Faith | Sunday Service | 9/25/2022

If you’re in need of an encouraging and challenging message all about faith, listen to this week’s sermon taught by Patti Bowman. In this message she challenges us to practice a senseless faith – to not use our natural senses but build our faith by resting in God, eating of His word and exercising our faith.