40 Day Fast – Day 11 – Turning Aside

Word for HCF: A vision from Hillside’s 10th anniversary celebration (February 2008) 

I saw an immaculate town. The houses, streets, and yards were in per-fect order with nothing out of place. The town was clean; houses were washed “white”; and the aura surrounding and filling the town was one of “peace”. I knew in my spirit that a great work has been done here, and the residue/essence of the healing which occurred was evi-dent. There was not a person to be seen in the vision, but there was something magnificent catching my eye. It was the grandeur of the trees that lined the streets and decorated the yards. The trees were tall, sturdy, strong, well-rooted and well-nourished. They were full of life, and the foliage was brilliant and of such an awesome magnitude. I was drawn to the trees, and then the Lord quickened in my heart that the trees were symbolic of His Righteous Planting. My heart was im-mediately taken to the scriptures from Isaiah 61: 1-3.

May this prophetic poem capture the heart of the Lord for Millersburg:

The quaint, quiet town was in perfect array; it was nestled snug within a sphere of peace. The residue of the Lord’s presence obvious; His healing power had evidently been released.

What was it that captured the eye and gave an appearance of such majestic grandeur?

It was the multitude of trees, filling the yards and lining the streets, in strength and splendor.

Trees that were strong, well-nourished – so full of life, vigor, and vi-brancy; Deeply rooted trees – a magnitude of foliage, radiating health and brilliancy.

The trees symbolic of the Planting of The Lord’s Hand.

Trees of Righteousness – spreading healing and His Glory through-out the land.

(Patti Bowman)

Scripture: Malachi 4:2 


 That the Risen Christ would break off all strongholds of sickness, disease and infirmity — not just over Hillside, but over this region.

 Ask the Holy Spirit to give us ears to hear/ discern His voice, and eyes to see clearly His vision for healing in our midst

 Ask God to help you to “see” His vision for what Millersburg will look like when His Kingdom has come, and His will has been done on earth as it is in heaven! May this become our new “normal.”