40 Day Fast – Day 13 – Weeping until breakthrough comes

Word for HCF: “Weeping will come before breakthrough and healing by God’s Word . . .” 

Scripture: Isaiah 58:6-12 

Pray: We are now nearly finished with our second week of fasting and prayer. Now is the time to really pour out our hearts before Him and not grow weary! He promised us a breakthrough — as we cry out to Him.

 Weeping often flows when we have grabbed hold of the Father’s heart for whatever we are praying for. Ask God to restore heaven’s “normal” as what we seek after, and never be content to remain as we are.

 Ask the Lord to do a work of personal and corporate breakthrough as we engage in this time of prayer and fasting.

 Humbly seek the Lord and ask Him to reveal and break shackles in your own life and in the lives of the saints. This is so we may truly bring freedom to others!