40 Day Fast – Day 15

Word for HCF: there is going to be fresh flour and there’s going to be fresh bread coming out of Millersburg. We don’t need to look back to former things. We can thank the lord for former things, but there’s going to be something fresh… There’s going to be a season you’re coming into that there’s a lot of freshness. 

Scripture: Acts 3:19-21 

Pray: We are always in need of a greater manifestation of Christ in our midst, and in corporate and personal revival. As we heard of those who laid down their lives for the sake of advancing the Kingdom of Heaven in their day, let’s pray today that we, too, would take seriously the call on us in our generation:

 That God would revive our cold hearts, and make us to love what He loves and hate what He hates. That HE would truly be first in everything.

 That God would shake off of us the crusty, dead religion, which merely goes through the motions, and make us yearn for His real, living presence.