40 Day Fast – Day 5 – The Power of Unity

Word for HCF:   Our hearts should be knit as one with one goal and one purpose — to see Jesus Christ lifted up and exalted, to see the kingdom of God advance, to see captive set free, to see his will be done on this earth as it is in heaven

Scripture:    Acts 4:31

Pray:   When we come together to lift up the name of Jesus in our lives, everything changes. The attitudes of our heart change. The chains that hold us back are broken. We begin to speak and minister to those around us with boldness. Acts is a testimony of this. After this passage, the disciples continue to preach; they also continue to receive persecution. But that suffering doesn’t stop them. The breakthrough that comes through fixing our eyes on Jesus through prayer and fasting isn’t just for us, but to spill over out of our lives, bringing good news everywhere we go. Today, make plans to pray with another saint of God. Plan to meet together to pray, pray on the phone, pray on skype with another believer from across the globe. Pray until it’s uncomfortable and then pray some more. Pray that God will open our hearts to Him in greater ways; that He will use us for His glory and for His kingdom to come through us.