5/22/2016 – The Lord Who Heals – Part 2 – The Family Tree

The God who heals…The Family Tree

2 Corinthians 10:3-5     divinely powerful for the destruction of fortresses

  • Enemy comes rushing out of the stronghold whenever it gets triggered
  • Triggers: something which causes an over-reaction to something
  • Speculations“computations/ conclusions/ judgments”
  • High things: something high which serves as a barrier
  • The knowledge of God = God’s way of thinking
  • Taking every thought (noēma) captive = every conclusion and purpose of the mind

2 Cor 2:11  …so that no advantage would be taken of us by Satan, for we are not ignorant of his schemes

  • The devil has his own thoughts he wishes to insert into ours

Here’s how he does it: 

  • Like in the Garden: he highlights something evil/ forbidden
  • Suddenly it’s the center of our attention. We taste it, and the first stone is laid
  • Now we notice it everywhere, every time – like when we buy a car.
  • True of sin issues , truer of wounds – when we get hurt, we notice it every time until it is healed
  • Until wound is healed, we build that stronghold every time we reach the same conclusion/ judgment

This is why Generational strongholds are the most difficult and deeply imbedded:

(Ex 34:7  He will by no means acquit Him who is innocent, visiting (overseeing) the iniquities of the fathers…

  • In Christ – aren’t all our sins washed away and forgiven? Of course!!!
  • WHY DOESN’T HE JUST DEMOLISH ALL THE STRONGHOLDS, THEN? He wants US to co-labor with Him in it!
  • WE cooperate with HIM in removing iniquities (strongholds) as Israel cooperated with him in clearing their promised land.
  • Spiritual Laws of relationships: Intent does not matter

Matthew 7:1-2  à      Romans 2:1  à     James 2:13  à    Galatians 6:7

  • We form these judgments/ conclusions early on, and look for them (unconsciously) our whole lives
  • How do we know we have them? IF YOU HAVE THE FRUIT, YOU HAVE THE ROOT. SLIDES

Repent of judgments made of others, but don’t war in the flesh

Warring according to the flesh: trying to overcome flesh with flesh.

  • The harder we fight flesh with flesh the stronger it becomes.
  • The more we vow “I will not be like __________” the more we are prone to become that.

Ex 15:26  …for I, the LORD, am your healer.”  Jehovah Rapha          

  • God patiently deals with our strongholds – not mad they exist. Wants to free us from the consequence
  • Our weapons are divinely powerful!!!
  • How did God heal them? LOVE – met their need even when they accused Him.