6/10/2017 – Moments of Truth – Pastor Steve Blayer

Moments of Truth

“This is your moment of truth” – real Q is – how will you respond to The Truth?

When His Word comes for obedience:

Hebrews 4 :7-13    Today if you hear his voice, do not harden your hearts

  • God’s Word came to them when it was their time to enter the Land – uncovered a heart of unbelief
  • Fear kept them from entering it, and they missed out

God’s Written Word provides a foundation for all life situations, but we need His proceeding Word (Rhema) to know what to do in specific moments. That is normally the “Word” which finds us out.

1 Kings 17:8-16           The Widow of Zarapeth:

  • Took a great risk in order to gain everything – her supply never ran out, and the man of God was there when she needed her son raised from the dead!

At some point in time, our walk with God will involve risking it all for the sake of gaining it all. the more we have come to trust God, however, the less risky those risks feel!

  • All finance is involved in this principle – investment


John 12:23-26             Jesus Himself!

For the potential in a living thing to be realized, it must first sacrifice its present condition. The more glorious its present condition, the more costly the sacrifice will appear.