7/8/2018 – You Have a Holy Calling

You have a holy calling

2 Tim 1:9  …who has saved us and called us with a holy calling   

We are stewards of the greatest treasure known to man — the Anointed One, Who lives in us! The purpose of that Anointing is to gather everything and everyone back to His heart. Whatever we do with Christ in us is for a Holy Calling….A Holy Calling derives its motive, its goals, and its capacity to fulfill the calling from God alone. If it can be done without God, then it is not a Holy Calling

Ø  Holy = “Set Apart for divine purpose”

Eph 4:11-12   for the equipping of the saints for the work of service, to the building up of the body of Christ

Ø  He only called SOME to build up the body – the REAL calling is out there in the world…

Ø  Service = “diakonos”

Isa 61:1-4

Ø  Jesus said this scripture was fulfilled by Him– that means WE are the oaks of righteousness…

“The afflicted:” Anaw  — the result of afflictions, which is becoming poor and oppressed, leading us into meekness and humility:  (“poor in spirit”)

The perpetuation of the anointing of the Christ:

1  good news to the afflicted… bind up the brokenhearted…liberty to captives And freedom to prisoners

Ø  WE bring good news, declaring: “You are healed” . “You are free”

Who are the brokenhearted in your life? Who suffers still because of the wounds others have inflicted on them? Who is caught up in the pain of shame/ regret for their own sins? THEY are your holy calling!

2.To proclaim the favorable year of the LORD And the day of vengeance of our God;

Ø  We bring Good news, declaring: “God’s door is wide open – you can be reconciled to God, and He will be with you to restore what has been lost”

Who are the ones who believe God is their enemy and not their friend? That He seeks to punish THEM rather than love them into life? Who needs to know that God is Love, and is a Father to them? THEY are your Holy Calling!

2-3  comfort all who mourn… garland instead of ashes… gladness instead of mourning… mantle of praise instead of a spirit of fainting

Ø  We bring God’s comfort – providing a supernatural resource for all who are broken down by life circumstances

Who do you know who is in mourning? Whose life, hope and dreams have been reduced to ashes? Who feels like packing it in and just existing (at best)? THEY are your holy Calling!

4 rebuild the ancient ruins…raise up … repair… desolations of many generations

Ø  Where do we even begin? Devastations = utter destruction/ not a stone on top of another…

What need (individual or societal) stirs your heart the most? What kind of people or activities do you have an intense, even holylove for? what is in you to do to make the world more like heaven? THAT is your holy calling!