7/24/2016 – A House For His Glory – Pastor Steve Blayer

A house for his Glory

Ezra 3:10-15

  • Pining for the old times…aiming to rebuild what once was
  • Were misremembering it, anyway: Temple started great, ended full of idols
  • 16 year delay in rebuilding temple due to opposition, and no heart to resist

Hag 2:1-9

  • Shaking all nations – a historically repeated cycle

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  • Jesus will continually shake nations and make room for His people to live free and spread HIS Kingdom
  • IF we are faithful to build HIS house – NOT just our own! Hag 1:2-8
  • PRIORITIZE/ Seek First His kingdom and His righteousness!


1 Cor 3:10-17

  • Foundation in Christ = simple day to day dependency
  • The house He is building = the Church
  • Individually – build your house on the rock!
  • Corporately: build upon the rock which is Christ
  • Honor Christ in the midst!