9/16/2018 – People of His Presence – Part 4: He Inhabits the Praises of His People

He inhabits our Praise

Psalm 100:1-5

Opening Song    Lord you are Good

Psalms 22:3  Yet You are holy, O You who are enthroned upon the praises of Israel.

  • God feels especially at home with a people who praise Him in Spirit and Truth…so we should master the art of expressing our love through praise and worship

1  A Psalm for Thanksgiving. Shout joyfullyto the LORD, all the earth.

(“rooah” = a shout given as a war cry — before the battle begins as a signal to the troops that we are moving forward into enemy territory.)

Rooah Song   This is How I Fight

2.Serve the LORD with gladness; Come before Him with joyful singing

(“renanah” — a cry of delight over something amazing. as when someone is surprised with something and overwhelmed by it.

Renanah song    You Are Good


Psa 100:3-4  Enter His gates with thanksgivingAnd His courts with praise. Give thanksto Him, blessHis name.


(“todah:” an offering of thanksor a sacrifice of thanksgiving/ a fellowship offering— giving thanks just because we have fellowship with Godin our everyday lives)

Todah song  Good, Good Father


(“tehillāh:”  to sing hallal(raves and boasts about who God is), a new song, a hymn of spontaneous praise glorifying God in song.)

Tehillah song  No Sweeter Name

…give thanks

(“yadah:”  to hold out the hand, to throw (as a stone or arrow) at or away, to revere or worship (with extended hands, thanksgiving  for what He has done for/ given to us.

Yadah song  Do it Again


(“barak:”  to bow/ To bless. To bring a gift to another while kneeling out of respect… to do or give something of value to another.)

Barak song  I Stand in Awe