A Hope Filled Future

A fresh look at what the Bible says about the “End Times”

Saturday, February 29th, 2020 – 8:30am-3pm

What kind of images come to mind when you hear the term, “The end times?” If they are filled with fear, dread and destruction, we have good news for you: THAT IS NOT WHAT THE BIBLE TEACHES!

In this all-day seminar, we will cover all the key passages relating to the “last days.” Most will be amazed to discover that God has actually revealed in His Word that the Great Commission will continue to be a smashing SUCCESS, the gates of hell will still NEVER prevail against His church, and that the world can rest assured that this place we call home will continue to look more like Heaven every day!

We will cover as much of the Bible as we can during our relatively short time together, and time will be given for questions remaining after each session. A Continental breakfast and lunch is included, and the $20 registration fee also includes the book of handouts.

PART 1: “PESSIMILLENIALISM” Why do we believe the world ends in disaster when God clearly promises us a future filled with heaven-on-earth?

PART 2: THE RETURN OF THE KING: What do the Scriptures CLEARLY say about the return of the Lord on the Last day?

PART 3: THE LAST DAYS…OF WHAT? Daniel and Jesus prophesy the end of the Old Covenant, including its physical representation housed in Jerusalem.

PART 4: THE GENERATION OF JESUS: The historic event fulfilled in His prophecy found in Matthew 24.

PART 5 THE REVELATION OF JESUS CHRIST was written, not to reveal the judgment of the world at the end of time, but to reveal the glory of the ascended Lord, who rules the nations He inherited when He was crowned King of Kings!

Each session will include Q&A time, and we will end the day with the same.