EQUALLY YOKED – Pastor Steve Blayer | 5/14/2023 | Sunday Service

Happy Mother’s Day! This week’s sermon discusses the ministry and co-leadership that all women are called. Pastor Steve shares that women manifest the mothering heart of God, both physically to create and nurture life, as God revealed as El Shaddai to Abraham.

Arlo’s Story – Testimony by Summer Forte | 5/7/2023 | Special

Summer Forte shares a beautiful testimony of walking with God through trial. In her story, she shares about the life and death of her son Arlo, and the incredible journey – and redemption – she and her family experienced through it all. Pastor Steve’s sermon immediately after this testimony refers to Summer’s testimony, and is also available for listening here.

A Heart Like God’s – Part 9: Despised By Darkness | 4/2/2023

Pastor Steve continues his sermon series on David with Part 9 -Despised By Darkness. David’s story has him persecuted by Saul even while ministering to the evil spirit plaguing Saul. We can learn much from David’s response to Saul and remember and reflect on David’s words in Psalm 22 that were recited by Jesus as he was being crucified on …