A Heart Like God’s – Part 18: A Gracious Spirit | 7/9/2023 | Sunday Service

Pastor Steve continues his sermon series on David, and this week we pick up on David’s interactions with the men who were left behind in David’s pursuit of the Amalekites. How do we handle those who are weak and weary? Do we allow our hearts to be influenced the compassion of God, or stirred in the wrong direction with pride?

Do You Have A Back-up Plan? | Patti Bowman | 6/11/2023 | Sunday Service

In our Christian walk, in this journey of faith, do we need a back-up plan? Patti answers this question and discusses the crucial differences between power and authority. When we truly understand – and practice – heavenly power and authority, we rejoice at a greater understanding of just how good Jesus is and step up into greater and more expansive …