Lift Up Your Eyes | 02/18/2024 | Sunday Service

In this week’s message, Pastor Steve exhorts on both the power and simplify of sharing our testimony with others, and how to evangelize – to testify of God’s goodness and share the joy you’ve found with others. Finally, he leads groups in the sanctuary to practice sharing their testimony with others.

YQA: Testimonies | 2/14/2024

In this episode of Your Questions Answered, Todd and Pastor Steve discuss testimonies and how to share your faith.

It’s Go Time | 02/11/2024 | Sunday Service

Pastor Steve shares on what it means to go and be a witness for what Jesus has done and is doing in our lives. The best part of sharing the gospel is simply acknowledging a heavenly reality: the earth is filled with the glory of the Lord. As we share the gospel in love, we will be a part in …

Serving Effectively | 1/28/2024 | Sunday Service

Pastor John Shuey joins us this week to share on serving. Are we the type of people that others turn to? How can we avoid the pitfalls of ministry to others? Finally, are we serving others in ways that have eternal significance?

Prophetic Words for 2024

Pastor Steve shared a word alongside two seasoned prophets in our house – Leisa Rupp and Patti Bowman. Join us for some encouragement and insight into what God is doing in 2024!

What Would Love Do? | 1/14/2024 | Sunday Service

When you hear the popular question “What Would Jesus Do”, do you know what you should do? Pastor Steve expands on that catch-phrase by talking about what it means to truly love like Jesus in this week’s sermon.

Revealing Vision | 12/31/2023 | Sunday Service

Vision is something often talked about at the end of one year and the beginning of another, but what does vision really mean? Do you need vision correction? Todd Gearhart shares a word all about vision as we heading into 2024.

Love Became Incarnate | 12/24/2023 | Sunday Service

Join us for our Christmas Eve Service as we celebrate not only the OCCASION of Jesus coming to earth, but the MEANING and long term IMPACT of His love. We also celebrate the change his presence has for not only us as individuals, but the whole world around us. Merry Christmas!

What Is His Response | 12/17/2023 | Sunday Service

In today’s sermon, Brian Diffenderfer weaves stories and his own personal testimony into a sermon on intercession, our response to prayer, and God’s response to our requests. If you’ve ever been challenged with God’s answer (or lack thereof) to your prayers, please listen and be encouraged!