YQA: What Should I Do After Deliverance?

In this episode of Your Questions answered, Todd asks Pastor Steve what people should do after they’ve had deliverance ministry. We refer to Pastor Steves sermon: Shut The Door | 12/03/2023 | Sunday Service

YQA: Strongholds, Job and 1 John

This week, Todd asks Pastor Steve questions about strongholds, the power of the Devil, and how they relate with Job and 1 John. We reference his sermon: We Grow What We Feed – Part 2 | 11/26/2023 | Sunday Service.

YQA: Jesus, Our Identity

This week, Todd asks Pastor Steve about finding our identity in who Jesus says we are. We reference Pastor Steve’s sermon: Stay Free | 11/12/2023 | Sunday Service.

YQA: Shame and Strongholds

This week, Todd asks Pastor Steve questions about dealing with both shame and strongholds in response to the message he shared on 11/19 called “We Grow What We Feed”.

Your Questions Answered: Suffering

Pastor Steve asks Stephanie some follow-up questions to her sermon on suffering (which you can listen to here if you haven’t already!), and shares a teaser about a new video series coming soon!

Your Questions Answered – Preaching Heresy?

Each week, Pastor Steve and Todd do a quick recap of the sermon, and respond to any questions that are asked. This week, Pastor Steve answers a question about our need for the Bible. We’d love to hear your questions – if you listen to the sermon and have a question, send us an email and we’ll do our best …

Arlo’s Story – Testimony by Summer Forte | 5/7/2023 | Special

Summer Forte shares a beautiful testimony of walking with God through trial. In her story, she shares about the life and death of her son Arlo, and the incredible journey – and redemption – she and her family experienced through it all. Pastor Steve’s sermon immediately after this testimony refers to Summer’s testimony, and is also available for listening here.