10/15/2017 – Turn Aside – Pastor Steve Blayer

Turn Aside

Exodus 3:1-5  The Day Moses became God’s friend

Moses with Jethro (Reuel – “friend of God”)

People who make history are the ones who stop everything for the sake of God’s calling out to them

3  I must turn aside now and see this marvelous sight

  • The Lord knows just how to get our attention – too often we miss it in the midst of our own busy-ness

Revelation of the mysteries of God, including His destiny for our own lives,  is reserved for times we turn aside to seek His face. That’s what friends do.

4  When the LORD saw that he turned aside to look…

  • God invites everyone into a deeper intimacy. It’s when we stop everything to see what he is up to that he speaks to us
  • It’s never about “where we are” but about which way we’re facing

Friendship with God is not possible for the casual Christian.  God responds to our response to Him with understanding of His Heart, His will and His ways we cannot get without being with Him.

5  the place on which you are standing is holy ground

  • We have a holy summons into a place of intimacy with God – who would refuse THAT?

Being invited to Stand with God on Holy Ground is the privilege of every believer. We ought not take that for granted. Only those who are holy may come near to Him.

Mark 1:18  They Immediately they left their nets…

Matt 13:44-46   The Kingdom is like a treasure hidden in a field // a pearl of great price…


Ex 3:10-12

Who am I?

“I will be with you…”