40 Day Fast – Day 4 – The Blessings of Unity

Word for HCF:    I command blessing and unity in this house!

Scripture:    Psalm 133

Pray:   God’s Word declares that great blessing comes through unity – when His people are joined for one purpose. How awesome it is even to be joined together in prayer and fasting! Talk to the Lord and thank Him for the precious community of saints at Hillside and ask Him if there be anything in your own heart leading to discord and disconnection rather than unity. Also pray for increased unity in our church body as a whole so that our hearts remain a place the Holy Spirit can dwell and move.

If there are any brothers and sisters in Christ with whom you have severed relationship today, give your broken heart to the Lord, and repent of any unforgiveness. Make plans to attempt reconciliation as soon as possible.

If you have been harboring any negativity your Hillside family, or have been expressing in through backbiting or murmuring, repent of it.