11/12/2017 – Get Up and Fight! – Pastor Steve Blayer

Get up and fight!

1 Tim 1:18-19    by them you fight the good fight

not every promise of God comes to pass. God’s word to us is like a seed, must be protected and nurtured until it is matured. We must be prepared to fight to protect that Word until its appointed time.

Mal 1:2-3        I have loved Jacob…Esau have I hated

God does not play favorites. It is how His children treat His promises and inheritance which determines the level of manifest love (blessing) we experience.

Genesis 25-32   Jacob’s journey

25:21-23   Jacob’s supremacy foretold

25:31-34          Esau despises his birthright

To “despise” something means to treat it lightly — as if it were no more important than what we have for breakfast one day. When we treat the promises and blessings of God this way, we should not wonder when they are stolen from us.

27:27-29          The stolen blessing

28:19-22          Jacob’s vow at Bethel

20 years at Uncle Laban’s house

31:1-3              Jacob realizes Laban is offended and flees

31:11-13          God introduces himself in a dream

32:1-2              At Mahanaim “two camps”

32:9-12            Jacob’s prayer

God is seeking after those who will content with Him for His promise – who value God’s word enough to be unrelenting in pursuit of God, and partnership with Him in seeing His will come to pass

32:24-31          The wrestling match

It is wonderful to receive the promises of God, but God’s purpose in blessing us is always that we will to come to know the God OF the blessings!