11/5/2017 – Seeking after Times of Refreshing

Acts 3:19-20

3 Qualities that surround revival:

  1. A people given to prayer
  • Hebrides Islands – mighty revivals in 30’s and 40’s
  • Duncan Campbell with Peggy and Christine Smith

These women and seven praying men given credit for outpouring in Hebrides

  1. Strong repentance/ desire for holiness
  • Jonathan Edwards – Sinners in the hands of an angry God –

Preached at home church in Northampton, MA – nothing happened. In Enfield, CT revival fell!


  1. A call for unity in the church

Unity both precedes and is the result of revival. Repenting of divisions, factions, and unforgiveness invites the presence of God, which then empowers us to live as one.

Acts 1:14

With one mind  – the result of praying together

Continually devoting themselves to prayer — continually – persevering in prayer

When we spend more time in the place of prayer than in envisioning, planning, and administrating church ministries, we give Jesus room to build His church.

Matthew 6:5-8…16-18

When you pray   not “IF you pray…”

When you fast   not “IF you fast…”


Communion – pray through the Lord’s prayer

Matthew 6:9-15