12/10/2017 – We Will See What We Seek – Pastor Steve Blayer

We will see what we seek

Luke 2:8-18   Some things in God must be sought out to be seen.

12   you will find a baby wrapped in cloths         Find = to search out until you discover it

15  Let us go straight to Bethlehem then, and see this thing that has happened

See: perceive beyond what eyes can see

16  so they came in a hurry and found their way     Found = To find out by diligent seeking

17  When they had seen this

  • They had no clue what just happened, just that God had visited them with something wonderful

What is something God did to get your attention, to which you responded, and were blessed as a result?

Luke 2:25-31     Christ – the miracle right under his people’s noses!

Simeon looking for the consolation of Israel         looking = seeking with a desire to take to oneself

  • Simeon recognized what He was seeking after even as a baby in a crowded temple court!

What is something God has begun in your life that is barely perceptible right now, but is REAL?


John 1:38-39

What do you seek?

Come and you will see.

what are you seeking from Jesus this season of life?