12/31/2017 – The Hope of Seedtime and Harvest – Pastor Steve Blayer

The hope of Seedtime and Harvest

Genesis 8:22   Seedtime and harvest…will not cease   As in the natural, so in the spirit.

  • Seedtime and harvest – sowing and reaping – cycles which always must repeat for life to endure

Like a farmer’s field – the cycle of sowing and reaping requires perennial work – even if last year’s harvest was a good one, a new one must be planted

We do reap whatever we sow… which means if we don’t like our present situation, we can sow better next time around. If we do not like the harvest we currently are reaping, we can sow better seed for the next harvest.

  • Sowing and reaping is a picture of the grace and hope of God working together with our faith.

Three options for sowing:

  • Sow evil (“to the flesh”)
  • Sow good (Kingdom/ Spiritual) seed
  • Sow nothing
  • We sow outside based on what we sow into our own hearts. Our ability to plant in based on the fruits of our inner man.

How do we get good seed for sowing?

James 1:21-22  Therefore, putting aside all filthiness and all that remains of wickedness, in humility receive the word implanted, which is able to save your souls.  But prove yourselves doers of the word, and not merely hearers who delude themselves.

  • Parable of the sower: the seed of God is alive and well, but our response to it determines whether it works

Matthew 13:18-23

If God’s Word does not come to fruition in our lives, the problem was not that we heard Him wrong. It was that we were too willing to hear and respond to other voices.

  • “does not understand it” = not mentally; does not take it to heart – is hard toward God — offense
  • Affliction or persecution – “you should just give this up – God is not faithful. It’s not worth it
  • worry of the world and the deceitfulness of wealth — substitute affections/ temporal concerns

The seed of God’s Word becomes ingrafted when it is believed. It does not come to life, however, until we sow it – which is to act upon what we have heard.

Ecc 11:4-6   In the morning sow your seed

  • Speak to the spirit of hopelessness and put it aside
  • Sow – even if it’s a time of “famine” (Isaac – Gen 26)