12/24/2017 – We Will Find What We Seek – Pastor Steve Blayer

We will find what we seek

The Angels:       Came to announce the good news – and Gaze upon Salvation made incarnate

1 Peter 1:10   the gospel containing wonderful Mysteries that even the angels long to get a glimpse of.

  • Angels – desire to look into the God of Salvation – the mystery of ages past – the lamb slain
  • Are wise but do not experience salvation and love as we do.
  • Came to announce the good news – and Gaze upon Salvation made incarnate

Angels we Have Heard on High…


The Shepherds:   Came to gaze upon the lamb who would become a Shepherd

  • Bethlehem (“house of bread”)
  • David sang in these hills, and the small town had this claim to fame

Psalm 23 – the care and concern God has for His flock!

Quiet night in the fields…all of a sudden

  • The Sign – babe wrapped in swaddling cloths, laying in a manger

Go find Jesus

  • Caves where sacrificial lambs were birthed – then swaddled to keep them from becoming blemished
  • Ritually Clean
  • The Good Shepherd would first be a lamb

The Lord is My Shepherd


The Magi           Wise men – see that He is the hope of the ages

Dan 2:48 after he saved the wise men’s hides:  the king… made him ruler and prefect over all the wise men…

Dan 9:25Gabriel visits Daniel with good news – accurate dates to Messiah’s ministry

Micah 5:2 – These wise men would have had his prophecies

Numbers 24:7  —  Balaam was an ancestor of the magi in His day

Est 1:13-14      wise men who understood the times…seven princes of Persia

Gen 1:14         Stars were given by God for signs – these men knew their time

Isa 60:5-6  They will come from [the east] bringing gold and frankincense…

  • (nations in the eastern trade circle)
  • Their first response was to bring gifts – even pagans knew to do that (Sheba)

Christmas Offering