4/22/2018 – Where God Lives – Part 4 – He Manifests His Grace – Pastor Steve Blayer

The church should expect a manifest presence of Jesus when gathered. He will most often show up in the form of the words we speak to one another, and the ministry we give our as we interact Christ in our midst. It is our responsibility to be good stewards of the gifts we have, so that we can best express His love.

Mat 18:18-20  I am there in their midst.

When believers gather and acknowledge Jesus Presence in their midst, they can expect Him to express His heart, will, and power to and through that group: both for one another, and for the world they will reach

Eph 4:7    But to each one of us grace was given according to the measure of Christ’s gift.

The risen Jesus has distributed portions of His grace to His people in the form of gifts – each one representing a facet of Jesus’ ministry to His people and the world. He truly lives in and through His body

1 Tim 4:14-16

We are responsible to steward our portion (manifestation) of God’s Grace until others can see and experience the benefit of it.

1 Cor 14:12  … seek toaboundfor the edification of the church.

 (parable of the talents)

1 Cor 14:1…4      Pursuelove, yet desireearnestly spiritual but especially that you may prophesy… 

prophecy unleashes the authority of the most powerful force in all God’s creation – the spoken word. By God’s words the universe was created; by our words, life flourishes in the hearts of those who hear His word through our mouths.


Ways we hear God’s voice:

Ø  Written word

Ø  Inner “voice” – thoughts

Ø  Impressions (“sense”)

Ø  Visions (“snapshots” or “videos”)

Ø  Dreams (Sanctified Imaginations)


Judging prophecy:

Ø  Never contradicts the bible

Ø  Resonates in your spirit

Ø  Confirmed by 2-3 sources

Ø  Take it to prayer

Ø  Test it out