40 Day Fast – Day 1 – Turning Aside

 Word for HCF:   I’m determined for a move of God to flood this place and …it shall be accomplished.it must be accomplished in the realm of the Spirit,

Scripture:    Exodus 3:1-5;  Zechariah 4:6

Pray:   In light of the message today, respond to the Lord’s call to Turn Aside and come into His Holy Presence daily, honored to be summoned by Him!

Pray that God will give you an increased sensitivity to the ways and places in which He is moving all around you.

Ask Him to re-create a culture at Hillside which invited the Spirit to interrupt our plans when necessary to cause us to see His hands at work, and partner with Him in what He is doing.

Ask God to make us a congregation that eagerly lays aside whatever we are doing whenever He calls us to His side.

Pray we will all have the wisdom to carry only those things which He has placed on our lives and schedules, and give grace to unburden ourselves of the unnecessary