40 Day Fast – Day 2 – By the Power of the Spirit

Word for HCF:  I am parting the veil and I am opening up the curtain and there shall even be, hear the Word of the Lord, there shall even come those that will return from many years ago. And they shall say this is a different place. For I have been working and transforming behind closed curtains.

Scripture:    Isaiah 43:1-7

Pray:   Every church has comings and goings, but the Lord has specifically said to us that some who were once a part of the family would be returning to help finish the work they began.

Pray, by name, for all those who were once part of the church who no longer are  — that if God called them to be part of the Hillside family, they would return.

For the ones who are “prodigals,” pray especially that God would meet them in their place of sin and isolation, and bring them home to Christ, and home to their spiritual family.