40 Day Fast – Day 7 – Building Solid

Word for HCF:  The Lord’s really called you to build a solid church. Nothing weak is to be built,. You’re not to use gimmicks, you’re not to grab the newest rage that comes in the body of Christ. But pray, seek the face of God and do that which is solid.

Scripture:    Ephesians 2:19-22

Pray:   The Lord has told us not to build Hillside based on our programs, or with the latest church growth fads and trends, but on the living presence of Jesus Himself, and through relationships which will last for generations:

Pray that God will build us up together supernaturally — not just in the love and care we express for one another, but by His love in our midst.

Ask God for a fresh outpouring of His love into your own heart for the family of Hillside — (especially for those who you find more difficult to love.

Pray for great grace on all the ministry leaders to build ministries with the living Presence woven into all we do.