40 Day Fast – Day 8 – Turning Aside

Word for HCF: those who are impotent, lame and weighed down will find this to be a house of mercy where they will be restored, leaving their beds, their weights, and receiving healing. 

Scripture: Luke 8:40-48 

Pray: As you heard in todays message, pursuing Jesus, in part, means grab-bing hold of all of the benefits of His life. This includes, among other things, healing — healing for our bodies and healing for our souls.

  •  Pray that God will give you an increased desire to lay hold of all of what Jesus died for.
  •  Ask the Lord to give you an increased faith to believe His power at work in us is able to do far more than any of us has yet experienced.
  •  If you are believing God for any particular issue(s) — ask Him to give you the courage, perseverance