40 Day Fast – Day 9 – It’s in His Word!

Word for HCF: we would become …a place of healing and restoration…The Lord desires Millersburg and Hillside to be a place where people get healed. …spiritual, emotional and physical . Some will get healed and go out to other places. Others will stay and help heal other people. 

Scripture: Psalm 107:20-22 

Pray: Sometimes, the enemy builds strongholds of thinking : “perhaps His will might not be for someone to be healed, “ which can prevent us from pressing in, like the woman in Luke 8. Let’s break that “stinkin’ thinkin’ this week…

  •  Declare this Psalm out loud over yourself (especially if you have been pray-ing for a long season for a particular healing issue that is not yet resolved).
  •  Ask God to continue to send His word to us, breaking down strongholds of sickness and disease. That we would not carry a mindset which is willing to settle for less than all of what Jesus purchased for us at Calvary.