5/1/2016 – When God Whispers – Pastor Steve Blayer

When God whispers

1 Kings 19 Elijah at Mount Horeb

  • Following Mt.Carmel victory – fire from heaven, rain came after 3 ½ years of drought
  • Breakthrough had finally come, and it was a new day for Israel!
  • With every new day come a period of shaking and breaking as the new thing emerges
  • The enemy, with a last gasp of breath sends out threats (that’s the only tool he has left)

1-8       Jezebel’s threats send Elijah into depression

  • The juniper tree – fed by angels juniper: Heb: ratham: to yoke up/ to bind.
    • Provides great shelter – its roots are symbolic of desperation (starving people eat these)
    • When we are at our lowest, he seeks to bind up to him closer than ever!
    • When we only seek His provision and comfort, we miss the new day!
  • In our lowest moments – he is there to heal

9-21     Elijah’s encounter at Horeb

What are you doing here, Elijah?

  • Here as opposed to where?
  • Horeb: where Moses received His call, and where Elijah laid his down
  • Where it all began, but not where we are meant to LIVE

I alone am left

  • All stripped away – now his pride, self-centered mindset come to forefront

Wind & Earthquake & Fire

  • The Lord was not “in” these things – these clear away the clutter for the new season

A Gentle blowing (“A Still, small voice”) – “Shhhhhhh”

  • When God whispers to our spirit – “Be still, and Know that I am God.”

His intent to restore us – Elijah would not receive that – stayed offended.

v.18     I will leave 7000 in Israel…

Hebrew 12:18-29

  • Enter into his rest, take on His yoke, and find perfect peace.