When Jesus Meets The Spirit of Religion | 3/24/2024 | Sunday Service

The triumphal entry of Jesus is followed closely by Jesus entering the temple and driving out those who were buying and selling, as well as overturning the tables of the money changers. Immediately after driving those people out, Jesus welcomed in the blind and lame. Jesus didn’t have a temper tantrum – he wanted to remove any barriers His people …

The Revelation of Jesus | 3/17/2024 | Sunday Service

When you think about the Book of Revelation, what words or feelings come to mind? Do you dread reading about a bleak or fear-filled future filled with judgement or doom? Pastor Steve shares a message centered on the reality that the Book of Revelation reveals several things: Our inheritance as saints of God, God’s desire to eliminate anything that gets …

Guest Ministry: Bill Vanderbush | 3/10/2024 | Sunday Service

Bill Vanderbush shares a fantastic word on the parable many know as the Prodigal Son. As Bill teaches, we learn the story is far more about Jesus illustrating the Father’s Love, and reminding us that there is not just one prodigal son, but two! The good news? Both are welcome to lay aside their pasts and come into the presence …

Everyone is Welcome… But Who is Worthy? | 03/3/2024 | Sunday Service

Matthew 22:1-14 is the section of scripture where Jesus shares with us the parable of the wedding party. At this wedding party, everyone is welcome… with wedding attire included, too! In this week’s sermon, Pastor Steve explains how this parable talks about self-righteousness, where our worth comes from, and what Jesus means about the “clothes” each wedding guest is given. …

Be Prepared | 02/25/2024 | Sunday Service

We’re called to share the gospel, and preparation is vital – just ask any Boy Scout! Pastor Steve shares a message on foundational practices to help us in our readiness. He shares from Acts 2, and encourages us to practice the things the disciples of Jesus were doing as they waited for the arrival of the Holy Spirit.

Lift Up Your Eyes | 02/18/2024 | Sunday Service

In this week’s message, Pastor Steve exhorts on both the power and simplify of sharing our testimony with others, and how to evangelize – to testify of God’s goodness and share the joy you’ve found with others. Finally, he leads groups in the sanctuary to practice sharing their testimony with others.

It’s Go Time | 02/11/2024 | Sunday Service

Pastor Steve shares on what it means to go and be a witness for what Jesus has done and is doing in our lives. The best part of sharing the gospel is simply acknowledging a heavenly reality: the earth is filled with the glory of the Lord. As we share the gospel in love, we will be a part in …

Serving Effectively | 1/28/2024 | Sunday Service

Pastor John Shuey joins us this week to share on serving. Are we the type of people that others turn to? How can we avoid the pitfalls of ministry to others? Finally, are we serving others in ways that have eternal significance?

Prophetic Words for 2024

Pastor Steve shared a word alongside two seasoned prophets in our house – Leisa Rupp and Patti Bowman. Join us for some encouragement and insight into what God is doing in 2024!