Are We Being Screened? | Patti Bowman | 9/24/2023 | Sunday Service

In this week’s message, Patti Bowman talks about Screens. Screens have several different definitions and Patti explores the way screens filter, protect, display, and investigate, and how how all of these things relate to in Are you intrigued? Then listen and be encourage as you listen!

Who Said? | Stephanie Thorn | 9/17/2023 | Sunday Service

What do we do with suffering? Is it from God? Isn’t God good? These are some of the questions that Stephanie answers in today’s sermon – mixing her own testimony with scripture and allowing us to be encouraged and understand the purpose – and blessing – of suffering.

Building Walls | Todd Gearhart | 9/3/2023 | Sunday Service

This week, Todd Gearhart shares about Building Walls – the story of Nehemiah. Nehemiah was chosen by God to lead the restoration of Jerusalem. To do that, Nehemiah had to face enemies that personified things that we still struggle with: Fear, Discouragement, and Criticism. Nehemiah overcame his enemies by partnering with God, and we can learn much from his story.