Whose Kingdom are you Building?


We all have a significant effect on the world around us. As Christ indicated when he said, “If you are not with me, you are against me,” if we are not intentionally and sacrificially collaborating with God to further His “kingdom” then we are inadvertently working against Him. The goal of this sermon series is to convey the mindsets and principles which characterize people who successfully advance the Kingdom of God.


[toggle type=”gray” title=”Part 1″ active=””]Pastor Steve introduces the Kingdom of Heaven and explains why wholehearted commitment to furthering Christ’s influence is absolutely critical for all Christians. In one of his more uncomfortable teachings, Jesus said that if we are not actively serving God, we are actually opposing Him! We will all be “building kingdoms”, the question is, whose kingdom will we build?[/toggle]

[toggle type=”gray” title=”Part 2″ active=””]Pastor Steve continues describing the qualities of a “Kingdom Builder”, describing the lessons and warnings we can learn from the lives of King David and King Saul. What does it mean to be a kingdom builder? What does it look like in practice? How can we avoid making the same mistakes as King Saul? Listen and find out![/toggle]

[toggle type=”gray” title=”Part 3 ” active=””]Pastor Steve continues and concludes the examination of a life dedicated to God. From the example of King David, we can learn what to expect, and how to prevail. Trials and spiritual attack will consistently test the strength of our dedication to God (as opposed to ourselves), to God’s way (as opposed to our way) and God’s heart (as opposed to our heart.) The path of a kingdom builder requires humility, endurance, forgiveness, and repentance. But the lives of David and Saul demonstrate that seeking first the kingdom of God leads to permanent impact.[/toggle]

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