Repairers of the Breach


What is this “good news” Christians are commissioned to preach? Repairers of the Breach, the four part sermon series, explains the meaning and significance of the Christian “Gospel”. Pastor Steve describes Christ’s mission, as proclaimed in Isaiah 61, and teaches how Christians are called to actively participate in this ministry.


[toggle type=”gray” title=”Repairers of the Breach ” active=””]Pastor Steve introduces a vision of the gospel, as described in Isaiah 61, starting with an explanation of what it means to “proclaim” good news to the poor in spirit. Words are important, but incomplete unless accompanied by power, testimony, and relentless love. Pastor Steve goes on to describe the role of empathy(as opposed to sympathy) in “binding up the brokenhearted.”[/toggle]

[toggle type=”gray” title=”Setting Captives Free” active=””]Pastor Steve continues explaining the Christian gospel as described in Isaiah 61, moving on to explain of how to proclaim liberty to captives and freedom to prisoners. In the Hebrew language, there is a difference between “captives” and “prisoners”, indicating two different groups of people, each requiring a distinct kind of ministry. The good news is, however, Christ proclaims freedom to both groups.[/toggle]

[toggle type=”gray” title=”The Great Exchange ” active=””]Pastor Steve explains the “Great Exchange”, described in Isaiah 61, which takes place when we recognize the worthlessness of our own efforts and our own results. This recognition leads to a natural reaction of heavy-hearted mourning. From this posture of grief, however, Christ invites us to exchange our mourning for the oil of joy, and accept new life in Christ.[/toggle]

[toggle type=”gray” title=”City on a Hill” active=””]The conclusion of the four part explanation of the “Good news” of Isaiah 61‘s description of the effects of Christ in a life. Pastor Steve brings the teaching full circle, explaining how the gospel equips believers to participate in the great commission of sharing with others the restoration we ourselves have experienced. Pastor Steve warns against the dangers of remaining self-focused, encouraging us to instead seek God’s guidance for how to enter into the joy of our others-focused mission.[/toggle]

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