40 Day Fast – Day 17 – Father to the Fatherless

Word for HCF: Hillside will be a place of ministry to fatherless and widows — Psalm 68 will be a key Psalm for the heart and vision of this house.

Scripture: Psalm 68:5-6 

Pray: Today, we are focusing prayer on the families in our church who have taken in foster children, some of whom have been adopted. They are on the frontlines of fulfilling a great portion of this prophetic promise. Pray for the Latshaws, Bostdorfs, Snyders, Hoys,

 For wisdom in ministering to the hurts and confusion of each child’s his-tory, and grace to love patiently and consistently as the wounds surface.

 For courage to love each child through seasons of growth and challenge, especially as adopted children continue to blend into the family.

 For wisdom regarding how and when each child’s background story should be disclosed.