40 Day Fast – Day 20 – A family of families

Word for HCF: …more and more this church will absolutely that will be an emphasis with a wisdom on how to raise godly families and this is going to be used evangelisti-cally because broken families are going to find restoration. God will begin to heal– even this community at the family level — it is broken at the family level –and it will be healed at the family level. 

Scripture: Psalm 127/ 128 

Pray: We have a lot of young families in our church, and the Lord has called us to be a community which lives like a family.

 Pray that God will make divine connections between families of every per-mutation, and make us able to live together as a healthy family.

 Pray that God will heal lonely and broken hearts by the love they receive through the family of Hillside.

 Pray for all the parents of Hillside — that we will all have the grace and wisdom to raise up solid children who love the Lord, and who discover and live out their purposes in Christ.