40 Day Fast – Day 19 – Prayer for the Dyers

Word for HCF: Hillside will be a place of ministry to fatherless and widows — Psalm 68 will be a key passage for the heart and vision of this house.

Scripture: Isaiah 60:1-

Pray: Damian and Jackie Dyer are in the middle of adopting a boy named James from Liberia. God has confirmed through many ways that he belongs in the Dyer family. There have been some roadblocks and delays; so let’s join with them in asking God to clear the way for the 4th Dyer child to come into their home swiftly!

  •  Pray for God’s perfect timing, and peace while the Dyers wait.
  •  Pray for James’ continued safety and development while waiting
  •  Pray for all the provision necessary to cover the costs of adoption and transportation.