The Corporate Man


Jesus Christ brought the manifest presence and power into the world, but he was just one man. Imagine what would be possible with a million Jesus Christs walking the earth, infiltrating every country and every profession, teaching, preaching, healing, prophesying, and cooperatively turning the world upside down! Believe it or not, that is the potential and purpose of the corporate church – the Body of Christ. Time to join the body!

[toggle type=”gray” title=”Part 1″ active=””]In this sermon, Pastor Steve introduces the concept that the pinnacle of God’s incarnation into the natural world is the church, composed of each, essential, individual. Each of us is called to be an active, living participant in God’s active, living presence on Earth. Listen as Steve explains and describes the “7 Graces”, the seven gifts listed in Romans 12. Which graces are present in your life?[/toggle]

[toggle type=”gray” title=”Part 2″ active=””]God is a genius at showing up in the most unlikely of people. The incarnation of Jesus Himself was such a surprising move, it was impossible to recognize Jesus unless seeing into the spirit realm. In the same way, it pleases God to inhabit each of us, but it takes spiritual eyes to recognize the “part” of Jesus which is present within each believer. This sermon talks about this mystery and encourages us to look at each other, and ourselves, with spiritual eyes.[/toggle]

[toggle type=”gray” title=”Part 3″ active=””]Active revival is possible for every generation, but we will miss out if we do not desire, seek, receive, and exercise spiritual gifts. In this sermon, Steve describes the nine spiritual gifts listed in 1 Corinthians 12. It is important to identify and practice your own gifting so that you can manifest the kingdom of God in the world around you. It is also important to identify the gifting of others in the church in order to know who turn to for various needs. By each person doing their part, the Body of Christ is able to be alive and active in the world today![/toggle]

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